New at Perfect Foil BV!

Lisclear is a new product in Perfect Foil?s foil assortment. Lisclear is a soft PVC foil which will be available on roll in the following thicknesses and dimensions:

Article number Thickness Width Length
KTLC153210E13 0,10mm 1300mm 100m

KTLC153210C65 0,10mm 650mm 50m

KTLC153210C43 0,10mm 430mm 50m

KTLC153210C32 0,10mm 320mm 50m

KTLC153210C26 0,10mm 260mm 50m

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Family: Transparent soft PVC Film
Grain: no embossing
Material: soft PVC film, glassclear
Specific Gravity: 1,34 g/cm3
Commercial Name: Lisclear
Standard Thickness: 100 μm
Applications: Stationary, packaging, printing

Categories: Soft PVC

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